Hand-thrown, hand-carved by local potter Lenore Lampi.  This vase is 9.75" tall by 4" wide and is funtional pottery, it holds water. Lenore hand glazes her creations to look like the birch trees that surround us and the interior is glazed blue/green. 

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Lenore Lampi creates her stunning pottery inspired by birch trees or as an observer from China dubbed the series, "tree skin".  This work is appealing not only because the designs are realistic, but also because the subject of a tree reflects memories, strength, endurance and movement.  She comments that using nature as a motif and blending textural forms in a unique way creates work that fits her character. 

Lenore's clay and glazed pieces are wheel thrown, incised, and altered by adding, subtracting and carving.  Fired to mid range cone 6, a variety of glazes are employed in conjunction with a terra sigillata exterior surface.  Via clay and glazes, she creates amazing replicas of the texture and color of the birch species. 

Earning a BA in fine arts and a MA in art education from the University of Minnesota, Lenore's work has been placed and purchased internationally.  Her studio is in Duluth, Minnesota where the beauty that surrounds her inspires her work.

Tall "Birch" Vase


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