Original oil on panel painting by Fredric McCormick, measuring 16"x16".  


Fred writes, "While the impulse toward realism runs very deep in me, and at times seems utterly inescapable, it is offset by a drive to be always exploring and experimenting in the realms of style and technique. I am especially fascinated by the fusion of realism (life-like color and light values) with loose and painterly brush work. Landscape painting lends itself beautifully to this pursuit. I also have something of a mania for the illusion of depth and sometimes have to tamp down my drive to produce this trompe d'oeil quality. My goal in painting is to touch viewers in a way that engages them on multiple levels and holds their attention, yielding something fresh and enlivening each time they return look again."

"Sun Splash" by Fredric McCormick


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