Potter Nick DeVries hand-thrown funtional and beautiful creamy white and light green exterior, and glossy white interior bowl.    Nick's pieces are one-of-a-kind and sizes do vary from piece to piece.  This piece is @ 3" tall by 6" wide and has a squared altered top. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Price includes shipping to the U.S.


Working primarily with wheel-thrown and than altered porcelain clay, Nick creates gorgeous controlled forms finished with matte and ash glazes.  Architectural details are his hallmarkets.


Beneath the organic, impressionable and sometimes serendipitous nature of working with clay, he controls the overall design and aesthetic appeal.  Where a form changes, where the body curves, and how the glazes might react are always on his mind.


His work is functional in all ways, a cup is meant to be held and used, but all of his work also serves a dual functionality.  A cup, a vase, or a bowl may serve a purpose, to hold water, flowers or to serve food.  On a shelf these items serve us in other ways, visually and aesthetically.  This is an important aspect of his work.  Making pottery that functions as beauty as well as utility and enhances the many parts of our daily life.

Nick DeVries Bowl


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