What’s a business to do?

First of all our thoughts are with our community, friends, and family members directly affected by the current coronavirus situation. At Bell Street Gallery, Mary and I are also closely monitoring how COVID-19 is impacting our Island, and the artists we support. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge these very trying and unprecedented times as we face the unknown.

As you are probably aware, Bell Street Gallery is more than just a business to us. At present we have no idea what the extent of the impact COVID-19 will have on the coming season. We will continue to monitor developments and will follow all federal, state and local guidelines to keep ourselves and our community safe. When it is safe to open the gallery, we will be ready.

Twelve years ago, during the peak of the great recession, we started Bell Street Gallery. We have one great advantage over that scary year to the present one. Through the past 11 seasons, families and collectors have found us and discovered what we offer. Many of you have come to rely on our artists to bring beauty into your lives. Beauty is something we all need more of during these trying times.

Due to the virus, this spring, instead of setting up the physical gallery, we have worked on expanding our website, www.bellstgallery. We do hope you will check it out. All of our artists have worked hard throughout the winter to create this year’s offerings, and we are excited to share them with you. The expanded website contains a shop with photos of many of the new works with more added daily. We are able to ship out any of the offerings or when travel and social distancing allows, they may be picked up at the gallery. We hope to be able to open the gallery doors at some point this season, but until that time we encourage you to visit us at www.bellstgallery. We will post news about our schedule as soon as we can on our Facebook site (Bell Street Gallery on Madeline Island) and on our website.

During this unprecedented time Art truly matters. Art can inspire you, it can sooth and lift your spirit, so especially now we encourage you to take time to see, hear and experience art.

Thank you for your past support of the gallery and our artists. We hope that you will be able to continue to support our artist and gallery this season, too. We looking forward to sunnier days when the music will ring out from our speakers and we can gather together to enjoy, pizza, wine and art!

Wishing you good health!

Mary & Steve



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